End the budget deficit let Fathers be DADS

Guests, members, we have been traveling for decades to this point. Please write a letter to President Obama, your  Congressman your Senators, your state and local elected people.

Ask your friends to do so. We can not promote fatherhood by denigrating fathers. We can not promote fatherhood by incentivizing single motherhood. Savings is gone, child obesity is now a problem. The electronic baby-sitter is dragging children’s learning down.

Contact President Obama here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

You might copy and paste the following:

Mr. President I can not accomplish this in 2,500 characters. I will add hyperlinks to reasonable documents.

We can not promote Fatherhood by denigrating Fathers. We can not promote Fatherhood by incentivizing single motherhood. We can not raise test scores, personal savings or diminish childhood obesity by incentivizing single motherhood.

-Mandatory DNA testing at child birth.

-reduce SSA funding for single mothers

-reduce VAWA funding







view the letter here http://antimisandry.com/blogs/bobv01/can-we-leave-world-little-bit-better-how-we-do-86/

or this post: http://antimisandry.com/campaigns-news/there-referendum-misandry-usa-2008-a-16028.html

SAVE’s http://antimisandry.com/essential/one-hundred-billion-dollar-man-39461.html

Or this one: http://antimisandry.com/facts-figures/half-billion-dollars-31274.html#post217804

Or this one: http://antimisandry.com/discrimination-sexist-double-standards/un-creates-what-may-become-billion-dollar-agency-radical-feminism-31669.html

Childhood obesity: https://westmichigandad.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/should-parents-of-obese-kids-lose-custody/

  1. United States Senators
    U.S. Senate: Senators Home
    United States House of Representatives
    Directory of Representatives · House.gov
    Like it, reddit it cross post, write letters to the editor or to television programs THIS IS THE TIME TO BE HEARD. For our future, for our children, for our economic future let Fathers be Dads, LET US BE HEARD


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