Where did YOUR last paycheck go?

Economics ~ the science of scarcity: perhaps in laymen’s terms we might say “the science of choosing between need and want” although that really does not address the issue of finite resources.

It seems for a very long time men, males and boys have been taught first to accept Child Support payments from their income, second to equate Fatherhood with Child Support (payments) and third, never to say in public anything disparaging about paying child support.

Reciprocally, mothers, women and girls are taught to expect to be entitled to their children’s fathers paychecks, and, most probably payments from society and governments. The entitlement to the father’s income can easily be correlated to the first Power and Control Wheel postulated by Duluth who asserted that a man controlling his own income was in fact abuse of the female in a male/female relationship.

Political Science is the study of how man collectively decides how a group governs itself, for instance shall each member of an agrarian group contribute a percentage of the season’s harvest to a group pool of resources. MSW’s have a Master s Degree in Social Science which should inquire into our mental and emotional health an ally of Psychiatry and Psychology. In the 1970’s and 1980’s as MSW emerged, rather than emotional and mental health the field seemed to focus upon social engineering or the imposition of values upon societies (very akin to religion).

In our new millennium a new breed of MSW’s seem actually to be focusing on mental and emotional health most probably propelled by our advance knowledge of the brain as discovered by Research Ph.Ds. from the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry and Medicine.

Still though we live under the urban myth that Child Support is simply necessary, must be done, should not be examined, and, should not be discussed by men: a perfect formula for the financing of a matriarchy.

In 2011, after fifty years of socially engineered experimentation into societies and individuals roles therein (or the lack thereof) Europe and North America as well as parts of Asia are very seriously examining public policy within the context of collective debt. The developed world has been living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

Men can not discuss child support, brothers can not differentiate between those who choose Fatherhood and those who neglect it and as a consequence we all pay until there are no more savings (capital) to build upon.

As education Unions demand more, no one discusses the concept of: fifty years ago a child’s household paid for public education, now both (two or more) households financially support public education. In America many, many children have two bedrooms (one at Dad’s and one at Mom’s) while others have none. This duplication of assets and cost has a very interesting position within the concept of champagne lifestyles on a beer budget: and, we are afraid to discuss it.

I am unsure whether members of the American Association of University Women prefer strawberries with their champagne I do know they promoted Gurlz rule boys drool and denounced the empirical evidence demonstrating a boyz crisis in education. Solid researchers are pushing reality (Boyz Crisis) back into the collective discussion, it would seem government and industry is as well with complaints about inadequate training.

It is not unreasonable to examine child care cost, child rearing cost, child education cost and their related efficiencies that is a part of economics: how much utility for how much spent (or in laymen’s terms for instance, a comparison of fuel mileage).

Just before the turn of the twenty-first century a true Economist (with his very own Ph.D.) published on the concept of Child Support: R. Mark Rogers Ph.D. We have been told to abandon the stealthy stalking of the gatherer-hunter. We have been told that boys and girls are not different. We have been told to accept social engineering for our own good. With the new generation of MSWs, who with the research Ph.Ds. of Psychiatry, Psychology and Medicine, are examining most efficient self fulfillment – how we can each be the best me, we can be, and, with entire continents financially seeming about to implode, it is time to man up and examine where our money is going.

Research studies and reports are being added (yes, one has to read them to know what they say) to assist the discussion. Please find the peer reviewed empirical evidence (science) under Essential or Research. The author, nor anyone else, can understand the studies for you: sorry, but would you REALLY want it any other way?

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