Why Great Fathering Does NOT Involve Sacrifice – fathers.com weekly

 Do you ever think about how much you’re sacrificing for your children? I often challenge fathers to make a bigger commitment to their fathering. The simple, everyday investments in your children can be the most powerful over the long haul. Now, to be clear, “simple” does not always mean “easy.” Championship Fathering does require that we sometimes sacrifice something good for something better…. Or does it? Let’s explore that word, sacrifice, as it relates to fathering. Making sacrifices for family is a good thing, right? Absolutely. Being a good dad means sometimes giving up opportunities that come up, or delaying some of life’s pleasures because you are responsible for your family, and that’s never easy. If you’re highly involved in your children’s lives, you may fall behind on your fix-it projects around the house. At work, you may be seen as less dedicated than someone who works longer hours and doesn’t try to work kids’ events into his schedule. But as we have conducted interviews for our Father of the Year Essay Contests and heard from great dads about their habits and their values, it seems clear that “sacrifice” isn’t the best way to describe what a dedicated father does…. Keep reading about this , see this week’s Action Points, and listen to my radio broadcast on this topic on our website here,. Keep up the good work!

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