Feminism and literature ~ a note

We talk about feminism, feminism seems to be the generator of misandric thought, do we understand feminism?

Certainly there have been women displeased with men, certainly there has been a prolonged attack upon Patriarchy as defined in various ways and with different purposes to the attacks. There seems to be an undercurrent not only to lesbianism but economics associated with feminism. Economics especially in the context of economic redistribution: taking from men and giving to women.

It is not that have no material to understand feminism there are websites such as Feminista et al, Feminists have written books and these books, this written record of feminism is not only what feminists refer to but what we can use to understand what they are really saying: feminism is not your mothers’ “fight” for equality.

Look in the right scroll bar look for: Books by and about feminism: see how many times lesbian and Marxism are written about.

This is not a complete list of everything written by or about feminism , perhaps though, it is a taste enough to suggest there is more to know about feminism’s intent and to know feminism is not your mother’s equality.

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