If you butter your bread on both sides your hands get messy. You can not eat your cake today and have the same cake tomorrow: you can not have it both ways. Equal or special, you can not have it both ways. Pink for this and pink for that but we want everyone to be equal: you can not have it both ways. Build a family or fuck around: you can not have it both ways. Tell the truth or spread an appearance you can not have it both ways. Girls want to run around professing their pride in being a slut, yet complain when others use their own words: you can not have it both ways. It is time for us all to grow up, attain some maturity. You can not promote Fatherhood by attacking DADS. You can not promote children by excluding Fathers: you can not have it both ways.

From the OED


n. a slovenly or promiscuous woman



1 having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships: she’s a wild, promiscuous, good time girl I promiscuous behavior

2 demonstrating or implying an unselective approach; indiscriminate or casual

SLUTS/failure to act/double standards/why misandry still exists

My Brothers, please read this post [ ], Rush Limbaugh may be your favorite commentator or your least: it does not matter, feminists and manguinas are quick to attack Limbaugh’s recent comments as they promote the power and control for females to do anything they like without any sense of responsibility. Unfettered feminist power and control has promoted misandry. We are at a chronological point where VAWA may be seriously questioned.

  There are females who are Sluts, there are females who are not fit parents, not all women are the same and pointing out some females as sluts is not misogyny: feminists with sloppy fingers and hands want it both ways.

Brother to Brother, Shoulder to shoulder, we need to address these double standards. Please copy and paste all of as little of the SLUT post here, referenced above, and post where ever you can find attacks on Limbaugh: not necessarily in defense of Limbaugh but rather to illuminate sexist double standards.

I will start a post of sites where rebuttals may be posted, if an (or many) AM Brothers can add to or beat me to it all the better. In this Women’s Month, may I humbly assert, this is not the time to let the feminists promote their double standard misandry. Please, please DO repost this everywhere we can, let us remember how, shoulder to shoulder, we can get things done.



Sluts attack Limbaugh

This is the start of a thread to list Websites and likely venues to oppose the attack on Rush Limbaugh for daring to use the word slut, I guess he has not heard of skanks, and, in doing so, to illuminate the sexist double standards that promote misandry. You may also wish to see Slut and SLUTS/failure to act/double standards/why misandry still exists



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1 Response to Sluts

  1. Barry says:

    Slutwalks are nothing more than an organized attention-getter for attention-deprived whores. “Whorewalk” seems more fitting….

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