An open letter to my Brothers…

You just can not have your cake and eat it too. There was a time when we wrote we have been doing this for thirty years, then it became forty…the anti-patriarchy movement began in the age of enlightenment over one hundred years ago. Current American anti-family, anti-father, anti-children public policy is at least fifty years old.

People generally agree about the concept of equality: a simple beam scale where both, tables or dishes, are equally weighted. Fathers know their children need them. We have had the peer reviewed empirical evidence that demonstrates that for four decades.

Carnell Smith drew attention to Paternity Fraud two decades ago, now it is the subject of popular television shows every morning Monday through Friday in America. We know children’s formative years are at age one day to eleven years old. We have been through the decade of the infamous Grand Class Action debacle. After being extant in the English language we now know the word misandry exists and has existed for centuries.

If females are equal they can do their own work. If we are all equal women can defend themselves. Women have enormous decentric networks of advocacies and yet there are men who would first complain about their plight and then the plight of their children and then go defend the feminists’ advocacies…still you just can not have your cake and eat it too.

There are some males who have difficulty saying brother, some males still have no clue what misandry is, and, sadly males seem reluctant to stand shoulder to shoulder…after about a half century of anti-father, anti-children, anti-family, anti-male sentiment and public policy.

We are not alone, most children are raised in single mother homes, this is not new, we have known much for decades: we have failed to act.

Here are some interesting URL’s somebody may wish to know about:

Most men were boys first, most men have Dads, most daughters have Dads, not all women are feminists, skanks, whores, sociopaths or sluts: some women though wish to promote slut walks.

Shoulder to shoulder brothers, I realize you are special but, our children need us to do the heavy lifting if it is not too much trouble to you.

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2 Responses to An open letter to my Brothers…

  1. Kelly says:

    I took some time to read a few posts and I’m kinda confused. I’m a divorced mother of one, I’m definitely a feminist, but also respect men. My confusion comes in that your site seems to want to lump all women together and demonize feminists. While I know I’m a smart, strong female I am not a man nor a father. There are many things I cannot do and do look to men to do. Heavy lifting, money management, and lots of other things. On the other hand, there’s plenty of things I do that the males in my life either cannot or choose not to do. Does DADS recognize that we will never be ‘equal’ in the sense that we’re the same? Yes, there’s plenty of stuff men excel at and plenty of stuff women excel at. Many times our skill sets aren’t the same. I don’t want upper body strength like a guy. I don’t want a higher alcohol tolerance. I love men in general, but I’m loyal to my boyfriend. Does your site seek to demonize women? I guess I’m just confused about DADS’ focus. Please expound. Thank you – Kelly

    • Kelly,
      You have said we are not all the same, and, I agree. There are misandrist and equalitarians and communists with a very different view even if diatribical.
      I know some outstanding human beings that are women. I know some outstanding human beings whom are males.
      There have been concepts such as “tender years”, “women’s intuition”, “women and children” put forth as political schemes to seek advantage for some females at the expense of children. Statistical more mothers are “awarded” physical custody than fathers, and for reasons not yet fully understood, mothers tends to keep children form their fathers. We might not have an African American Matriarchy if African Females did things a bit differently.
      DADs hope to have access to their children (in a meaningful way) and their children deserve it. The criticality of Fathers to their children’s’ development as human beings has been empirically established and peer reviewed. There are those females though, who oppose father involvement.
      We cannot promote Fatherhood by denigrating it.

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