Blind Baseball A Father’s War

Blind Baseball Blind Baseball A Father’s War
A.      Green           
Bloomington, Indiana, USA : AuthorHouse, © 2004
Book 378 pgs ISBN 1-4184-2578-8 1-4184-2577
“…monumental…a work of genius…the 1984 of family relations and domestic law.” – Joseph Sobran

At first Blind Baseball reads like a mere story of an unusually bitter divorce. Barry Ballinger, the hero-narrator whose wife seeks divorce, is told by his first lawyer that under Michigan’s no-fault divorce laws, he has only a slender chance of gaining custody of his children. Despite the supposed equality of the sexes under those laws, the odds heavily favor his vindictive wife Sal.”  – From the foreword

Green carries the reader through the onset of divorce with children, the process, the aftermath, the living hour to hour reality men face day in and day out. Green writes in a manner that will cause people to feel the despair of the main character.


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