Dad is great

Why “Dad is great”

One of the all-time great stand up comedy routines is “Bill Cosby: Himself.”   There is not a dull moment in his sketch as he covers a variety of topics, including drugs, dentists, and children.

As a father of four children,  I especially enjoy the part about serving his children chocolate cake for breakfast, and while eating the cake, the happy children sing out, “Dad is great.  He gives us chocolate cake.”

I love this bit because I believe that it epitomizes the greatness of fatherhood, which is what I hope to celebrate with this blog.

Please don’t misunderstand.  My mother is great and I love the mother of my children with all my heart.  They have a skill set in caring, teaching, educating, and loving children in ways I was not blessed with and I’ll be forever grateful for these two women in my life.

But because many fathers seem to lack some of these skills and abilities, we march to a different beat.  We’re a bit unconventional, and sometimes it works.  And when it does, we gloat as if we’re wise Zen Masters.  And of course, sometimes being eccentric doesn’t work, which then results in endless ribbing from our kids.

Regardless of the good, bad, and ugly, I hope that the thoughts shared in this blog will help me and any others out there who are striving to be a better father.  And please feel free to share your stories.  I still have a lot to learn about parenting and look forward to hearing what others have to offer.

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