Feminist jurisprudence

Feminist Jurisprudence Feminist jurisprudence


Smith, Patricica
New York, New York USA : Oxford University Press, © 1993
Book 628 pp ISBN 0-195-07397-5     978-0-1950-7397-3

Equality and difference : the case of pregnancy / Herma Hill Kay —
Will equality require more than assimilation, accommodation, or separation from the existing social structure? / Nadine Taub and Wendy W. Williams —
The family and the market : a study of ideology and legal reform / Frances E. Olsen —
The emergence of feminist jurisprudence : an essay / Ann C. Scales —
Reconstructing sexual equality / Christine A. Littleton —
Sexual harassment : its first decade in court / Catharine A. MacKinnon —
Rape / Susan Estrich —
The criminal justice system’s responses to battering : understanding the problem, forging the solutions / Kathleen Waits —
Justice engendered / Martha Minow —
Legality and empathy / Lynne N. Henderson —
Black women and the Constitution : finding our place, asserting our rights / Judy Scales-Trent —
Reproductive freedom / Deborah L. Rhode. Reproductive laws, women of color, and low-income women / Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson —
Unraveling compromise / Frances Olsen —
Rethinking sex and the Constitution / Sylvia A. Law —
Market inalienability / Margaret Jane Radin —
Pornography and the tyranny of the majority / Elizabeth Wolgast —
Against the male flood : censorship, pornography, and equality / Andrea Dworkin —
Brief amici curiae of feminist anticensorship task force et al., in American Booksellers Association v. Hudnut / Nan D. Hunter and Sylvia A. Law —
Jurisprudence and gender / Robin West —
Deconstructing gender / Joan C. Williams —
The pragmatist and the feminist / Margaret Jane Radin —
Sapphire bound! / Regina Austin —
Feminist critical theories / Deborah L. Rhode —
Toward feminist jurisprudence / Catherine A. MacKinnon

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