Big Shoes: In Celebration Of Dads And Fatherhood

Big Shoes Big Shoes: In Celebration Of Dads And Fatherhood
Roker, Al           
New York, New York USA : Hyperion, © 2005
Book 208 pp ISBN-13: 9781401301712    ISBN: 1401301711

“A dad is always there to provide support and encouragement just when it’s needed most, as well as help teach us some of life’s most invaluable lessons — from how to fly a kite and pitch a tent to how to change a tire, negotiate a raise, or take on our first big home improvement project. Now it’s time to say thank you!”

From Al Roker and friends, a new book in celebration of Dad, just in time for Father’s Day!

Bestselling author and beloved Today show personality Al Roker teams up with his celebrity friends to share personal thoughts, stories, and reflections on fathers and fatherhood in this heartwarming collection.

In Big Shoes, Al Roker and 45 other well-known personalities share personal stories about how their fathers have been there for them during times of both adversity and triumph, and the countless large and small ways they’ve shaped their lives throughout the years. These essays remind us of the important — and lasting — legacy of our dads, even as we’ve grown up and gone on to start families of our own.

A stellar group of contributors reflects on the importance of fathers and fatherhood, including:

–Matt Lauer
–Katie Couric
–Beau Bridges
–Bonnie Rait
–Kris Kristofferson
–Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler)
–Bradley Whitford
–Robert Mondavi
–Dr. Dean Ornish
–B.D. Wong


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