Castaway Kid: One Man’s Search for Hope and Home

Castaway Kid Castaway Kid: One Man’s Search for Hope and Home
Mitchell, R.B.           
Carol  Stream, Illinois, USA: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., © 2007
Book 272 pp ISBN-13: 9781589974340    ISBN: 1589974344 
SynopsisRob Mitchell is one of the last “lifers” raised in an American orphanage. Left by a dysfunctional family in an Illinois children’s home, he grew up with kids who were not friends but rather “co-survivors.” After becoming a Christian as a teenager, Rob found what he was looking for, home and family, in a relationship with God. Rob was able to overcome his past, forgiving his relatives and forging healthy family relationships of his own.Mitchell is a respected financial consultant and a dedicated youth advocate, but what’s not well known is that he had a tumultuous childhood. His memoir reveals his life in an orphanage; after his mother abandoned him at age 3, as well as his struggle to find love and acceptance and learn to trust. Mitchell knew his mentally ill mother, who once kidnapped him from the orphanage, but had no real memories of his father, who attempted suicide but ended up brain damaged. His maternal grandmother was the boy’s anchor, but she couldn’t raise him, which only added to his confusion. – Publishers WeeklyMitchell’s experiences and reflections, give us reason to pause and reflect, upon what is and what can we do, and whether we should: not simply Mitchell’s quest for who he is that led to God, but interactions with others and their effect. This book will take you away from your meopia and outside of the box.

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Castaway Kid on Inner Compass ~ an interview


3 Responses to Castaway Kid: One Man’s Search for Hope and Home

  1. Thank you for your comments on my book, Castaway Kid.

    “Meopia”. I like that.

    Emotionally powerful emails from around the world of wounded people finding Hope are being shared at and I am pleased to share with you it is now available from zondervan/vida in Spanish under the title: SOLO. Book and audiobook. Also in German and Danish

    Thank you for your heart for authentic men and boys struggle to learn how to be authentic men.

    In Hope,


  2. Very nice interview with Ms. Hoogstra on WGVU ~ well done!

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