12 – Freedom of Speech and the Maitreya

 Many throughout history – such as the Russian dissidents like Alexander Solzhenitsyn and so on – have believed that it was better to even be imprisoned and be allowed freedom of speech, than to be so called “free” in the dictatorial and totalitarian society they inhabited.

So in the current era it seems that we are being ever more threatened to “politically correct” our thoughts and feelings, and licensed by the powers that be to be only thoughtless, soulless and hypnotized working and breeding machines to be fodder to the consumer society.

Though the capitalist West has long been critical of these so called communist dictatorships like the former Soviet Union and China, and is currently condemnatory of what it sees as “religious dictatorships” such as the various Muslim countries, it appears that the major Western countries such as America and England are now becoming more and more policed in terms of what people are allowed to think and say.

Are you completely certain what this book is about? When you finished reading it, I am guessing you will be surprised, turn the pages at this link:



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