The Naked Man: A Study of the Male Body

The Naked Man  
Morris, Desmond           
New York, New York USA : St. Martin’s Press  © 2009
Book 288 pp ISBN-13: 9780312385309    ISBN: 0312385307

Following on the international success of The Naked Woman, Desmond Morris investigates another intriguing evolutionary success story. The Naked Man is a study of the masculine body from head to toe, examining biological features of the male anatomy in illuminating detail and describing the many ways in which these features have been modified, suppressed, or exaggerated by local customs and changes in social fashions. This is the natural history of man, viewing him as a fascinating specimen of a far-from-rare, but nevertheless endangered species.

The Naked Man is written from a zoologist’s perspective and packed full of scientific fact, engaging anecdote and thought provoking conclusions, including a controversial chapter examining male sexuality. It is an altogether intriguing read.

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