Marxism and the interpretation of culture

Marxism and the interpretation of culture Marxism and the interpretation of culture


Nelson, Cary           
Urbana, Illinois USA : University of Illinois Press, © 1988
Grossberg, Lawrence
Book 738 pp ISBN     0-252-01401-4          978-0-2520-1401-7    0-252-01108-2       



Named Person: Karl Marx
Material Type: Government publication, State or province government publication


Territory of Marxism / Lawrence Grossberg and Cary Nelson —
Marxist theory and the specificity of Afro-American oppression / Cornel West —
Toad in the garden : Thatcherism among the theorists / Stuart Hall —
Toward a leftist cultural politics : remarks occasioned by the centenary of Marx’s death / Henri Lefebvre —
Hegemony and new political subjects : toward a new concept of democracy / Chantal Mouffe —
Desire and power : a feminist perspective / Catharine A. MacKinnon —
Marxism and beyond : strategies of reterritorialization / Paul Patton —
In defense of political economy and systemic analysis : a critique of prevailing theoretical approaches to the new social movements / A. Belden Fields —
Vacillation of ideology / Étienne Balibar —
What is a revival of Marxism and why do we need one today? Centennial lecture commemorating the death of Karl Marx / Oskar Negt —
Philosophy and revolution : twenty sheaves of questions / Gajo Petrović —
Metaphor and social antagonisms / Ernesto Laclau —
Patriarchy, domestic mode of production, gender, and class / Christine Delphy —
Can the subaltern speak? / Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak —
Modernity and revolution / Perry Anderson —
Spell of indecision / Franco Moretti —
Cognitive mapping / Fredric Jameson —
New sentence and the commodity form : recent American writing / Andrew Ross —
Postmodernism as a “structure of feeling” / Fred Pfeil —
Schizoanalysis : the postmodern contextualization of psychoanalysis / Eugene Holland —
Women’s rage / Julia Lesage —
Can industrial culture be a culture of difference? : a reflection on France’s confrontation with the U.S. model of serialized cultural production / Michèle Mattelart —
“New song” and its confrontation in Latin America / Fernando Reyes Matta —
Art ideology and pop practice / Simon Firth —
Politics of film : discourse, psychoanalysis, ideology / Michael Ryan —
Class, power, and culture / Jack L. Amariglio, Stephen A. Resnick, and Richard D. Wolff —
Beyond ethnocentrism : gender, power, and the Third-world intelligentsia / Jean Franco —
Production of scientific knowledge : science, ideology, and Marxism / Stanley Aronowitz —
Concept of the philosophy of praxis in the Quaderni of Antonio Gramsci / Sue Golding —
Marxism, normative theory, and alienation / Richard Schacht —
Communications in socialist France : the difficulty of matching technology with democracy / Armand Mattelart —
Contamination, coincidence, and collusion : pop music, urban culture, and the avant-garde / Iain Chambers —
Critic as clown / Terry Eagleton —
Discourse : structure or event? / Michel Pêcheux —
Book of poems as a social act : notes toward an interpretation of contemporary Hispanic American poetry / Hugo Achugar —
Can people be (re)presented in fiction? : toward a theory of narrative agents and a materialist critique beyond technology or reductionism —
Place of aesthetics in Marxist criticism / Michèle Barrett —
Marxist literary criticism in China / Fengzhen Wang.

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