The Odyssey

The Odyssey  
Homer           (circa 8th Century BC)
USA : Penguin Books, © 1996
Translated by  Robert Fagles (1933 – 2008)
Introduction by  Bernard Knox (1914 – 2010)
Book pp 541 ISBN 0-670-82162-4 ISBN 978-0-14-026886-7
Epic tale of Fathers and Sons, nation states and quests, polytheism, friendships and betrayal, monogamy and polygamy, fickleness and fate. Does Odysseus return to his home, will he find Penelope true or will he find his countrymen have abandoned him to a life in exile?

Can Odysseus’s estranged son come to his aid, or will the son run off with Athena?

Read for about three millennia the Odyssey  is found by many to be interesting and thought provoking, told during the time of Chariots and lances be not sure what you will find around the corner.


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