The Good Son: Shaping the Moral Development of Our Boys and Young Men

The Good Son - Michael Gurian The Good Son: Shaping the Moral Development of Our Boys and Young Men
Gurian, Michael Ph.D.
Westminster, London, UK: Penguin Group, © date
Book 416 pp ISBN-13: 9781585420490    ISBN: 1585420492

The Good Son is the definitive plan, organized by each year of a boy’s life, to building character in our sons as we guide them through the moral and emotional maze that constitutes boyhood today. Bestselling therapist and educator Michael Gurian–widely credited with bringing the “boys’ movement” to the public eye–takes readers through a comprehensive parenting program, showing them how to instill virtues in boys at each stage of life.

This is an absolute must for parents of young boys. Wonderful and informative…it gives parents new ideas for raising boys in this challenging world today. This book covers everything from aggression to morals to punishment. I would especially recommend this book to women who may, at times, have a hard time understanding their son’s behavior. This book gives powerful insight to the minds of boys… –anonymous

Gurian (A Fine Young Man), one of today’s premier writers on the subject of male development, moves beyond the realm of sociological and psychological analysis (offered in Eli Newberger’s fine The Men They Will Become, see p. 71) to provide a timely and practical parenting guide. Focusing specifically on the subject of moral development–a matter of hot debate in the wake of such tragedies as the Columbine High School shooting–Gurian writes from his own experience as a family therapist. Citing an “increase in ethical numbness, moral distraction, and spiritual emptiness among boys and young men,” he examines the roots of potential problems–such as the abandonment of our children’s moral development to “potentially toxic” visual media–and then lays out a well-organized blueprint for ushering boys into adulthood. Gurian discusses such topics as biological and neurological development as well as building spiritual life and dealing with media influence (for example, he notes that a boy of nine or 10 should not “see images he cannot or should not experience with his own body and soul at this time in his life”). Gurian concludes with a list of age-appropriate books and movies that “stimulate moral growth in boys.” Parents and caregivers will welcome the direction and reassurance of this outstanding book in their efforts to guide boys “toward loving, wise, and responsible manhood–the compassionate life.” (Sept.) Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information. – Publisher’s Weekly




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