Pronunciation:/CHīld, /

noun (plural children /ˈCHildrən/)

  • a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.
  • a son or daughter of any age.
  • an immature or irresponsible person:she’s such a child!
  • a person who has little or no experience in a particular area:he’s a child in financial matters
  • (children) the descendants of a family or people:the children of Abraham
  • (child of) a person or thing influenced by a specified environment:a child of the sixtiesOPEC was in a sense a child of the Cold War



child’s play

a task that is easily accomplished.

from a child

since childhood.

with child

formal pregnant.








Old English cild, of Germanic origin. The Middle English plural childer or children became children or children by association with plurals ending in –en, such as brethren

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