How Women Manipulate: Essays Toward Gynology

How Women Manipulate How Women Manipulate: Essays Toward Gynology
Morrow, David C.          
Haverford, Pennsylvania: Infinity Publication © 2004
Book 82 pp ISBN-13: 9780741420589    ISBN: 0741420589

Ideally, relationships are equal. Equality is fragile and fairly rare; a few persons like and respect each other enough to create it,-Morrow

The first several chapters of this work covered ground that has already been well covered before, though for those who haven’t read much questioning of feminism it will be important material. Those chapters were a discussion of how women use divorce and custody laws, claims of male chauvinist discrimination, and other such underhanded tactics to take unfair advantage of men. The author doesn’t really document these issues, but almost anyone who’s been on this planet for a few years will be able to see that he’s right

Interestingly, he mentions the achievements of many exceptional women throughout history. This is in contrast to most “feminists”, who like to pretend that women have been so oppressed and victimized that they were never allowed to achieve anything.

The final chapter of this work is by far the most important, and well worth buying the entire book. It documents the fact that most child abusers are women, and that children in the custody of their mothers are far more likely to be abused, often by their stepfathers, than those in the custody of their fathers. The well-known statistics of greater juvenile delinquency of fatherless children are cited. Morrow uses evolutionary psychology to try to discover the reasons for all of this. I reread that last chapter several times. These are facts our society needs to face if it is to survive.


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