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Began in 1979 at a time when political activists relied upon snail mail and telephone calls to communicate, just after radical feminists had usurped NOW from reasonable and well educated women.


West Michigan DADS has operated as a 501 ( c ) 3, did exist as an old MSN Group, does have a Yahoo group [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/westMichiganDADS/] had a repository of information West Michigan DADS at Spaces dot com (began 2002) and is transitioning the repository here to


http://www.westmichigandad.wordpress.com. Each page has a unique link in the hierarchal right hand bar, or you might follow the segment links below.





Fathers are critical to their children, children are critical to our future. The more we allow Fathers to Father the better our children and society shall be. Men need to act as Brothers, in concert, shoulder to shoulder, take back our role as nurtures and preservers of civility. The more we learn about Fathering and children: the better Fathers we shall be.



This site


Is divided into the following segments and is a work in progress:


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  Men who made this world a better place
    About Fathers and Children  
  The billion dollar man    



There is, as of July 4, 2011 few sub indexes (with URLs) and there remains a substantial volume of material to move from the old site to here, please consider being as patient as you can be.


Comments, suggestions: fill free to blog here or contact west_michigan_dad@live.com.


Fathers are patient and persistent and if the future walks alongside of us, we need to do our best for our children despite other people’s opinions.



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