13 – A Farewell Message from Sam Fryman

Fryman bids us all adieu in this 2005 letter, please for a minute do not be saddened, Fryman’s work is good stuff, I suspect he knows it. After his farewell he writes some more, for all I know with the help of Publius.

The Farewell letter, with thoughts, is here:



One Response to 13 – A Farewell Message from Sam Fryman

  1. Sam Fryman says:

    Dear West Michigan Dad

    Though it’s impossible to prove my identity in strict objective terms, because I only exist as Sam Fryman as an online author, I hope that you can intuit I am the person who originally wrote the books, and have now wrote a few more and started a blog myself at


    At the time I wrote the “farewell message”, I didn’t want to write any more, and hoped that what I had done was enough to eventually help create a more educated world male psyche, that might learn to better understand its own behaviour, and in particular relate to women better, by understanding their psyche and motives better also.

    To be quite honest, I never actually wanted to write any of the books at all, but having suffered a great deal myself, and slowly realising that millions of other men were suffering also at the hands of the feminised dominated Western societies and their “over-empowered” women, I felt that though it was “a dirty job”, somebody had to do it, and my own experience and studies seemed like I was probably better equipped than most others for “the job.”

    I am very grateful that you have thought well enough of what I wrote to have put the texts up on your own website, but if you feel that on reflection, I probably am the original Sam Fryman who wrote the earlier works, I hope you’ll please take down the “farewell message” which is really now a bit of an embarrassment to me, and if you have time, possibly replace on line the now updated (in June 2011) texts I have put on the blog.

    I wrote most of the books very quickly, and didn’t have any proofreader or whatever, so there were quite a few mistakes in them, some of which no doubt remain despite my recent efforts to revise them, which is really a very big and time consuming job if I checked every last word..

    But there were also a few dubious parts elements in them, which I felt were best to take out, as I am now seeking to get the works to a much larger readership, though how successful I will be at that, only time will tell.

    So, I’m not going to contact you or post here again regardless of what you do, and it’s entirely up to you what you want to do with your own blogs and website, but I’d ask please if you could take this “Farewell message” down and either replace the existing versions of the books you have put on with the revised versions currently on my site, or else delete them altogether if you don’t have time to do that.

    Without going into details, it may actually be in your own interest to do that, not only mine, as the legal status of previously ignored online material is now coming under question, with people from Twitter and so on being prosecuted or legally threatened and so on.

    best wishes

    Sam F.

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