08 – Kundalini : A Personal Experience

Imagine you are watching the ball game on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and all of a sudden your body starts going warm and “glowing” and it increases in intensity until the only thing that you can compare it to is that sexual experience we are all surely familiar with, but the difference is, it doesn’t last a mere few seconds, it lasts for twenty full minutes non-stop.

And because it is so unbelievable in comparison to every experience you ever had previously, and you haven’t even considered taking a hallucinogenic drug in years, you have to conclude that there is something very strange happening in your body indeed.

But these mere physical thrills are not enough perhaps to convince a serious “doubting Thomas” type skeptic like our friend who made the critical comment.

Hold up now, don’t be startled, Fryman seems to be leading us somewhere here, maybe to the east, maybe something else. You will have to read this for yourself to be sure and double check me, I think Fryman is talking about some tranquility that comes from a well thought out plan that is stuck too, as you watch some of the pieces fall into place over time.

Maybe I am wrong, perhaps you will understand it better, read it yourself here:



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