16 – Afraid of Women

It is a typical strategy we all tend to use to try to mentally cut down to size those whom we fear, to mock them or make demeaning jokes about them, but though that sniggering and derision makes us feel better for a while, when we meet this scary person in real life whether it be a politician, a woman or whoever, we frequently find that the fear has not gone away.

In the case of women and girls whom we are “romantically” or sexually attracted to, many males experience a great deal of tongue-tiedness, and find it difficult to express their thoughts or feelings to this peculiar sex at all.

Women are taking our roles away, and if we complain about it we are mocked and labeled as “sissies” and so on, not only by women, who are therefore just using this as a dirty trick to stop any man resisting them, clearly in this Machiavellian way, but also by the diminishing number of men in power, who are in denial, and all want to pretend that they are invulnerable and their jobs are not under threat from women.

Fryman has some tough things to say in this book, I am afraid they may well be true. Sorry guys you had better have a look at this, ladies with families, or sons, or Fathers, I did not do it, but if you are mad at me, at least I can say you could read about it in advance by clicking this link:

16.+Afraid of Women


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