06 – The Myth of the Teenage Rebellion


Are you a DAD, maybe a big Brother, taking your son or daughter or younger Brother for a walk in the neighbor hood? Maybe the youngster is holding your hand as you walk or maybe they are a little older than that: have you ever thought the future ahead of us (the youngster), walks alongside us? Perhaps you have asked: “where do these kids get this?”

When the teenager drinks from the vodka bottle, the parent must say

–“I wish you wouldn’t to that. It’s probably my bad example, my mistakes that you are as you are. I am sorry, I did my best, but now you will have to help yourself. If you must drink, drink, but know the facts, the truth, and now I have no more judgment upon you, your life is your own, you must take responsibility for your own life, your own future, your own destiny.” As the head ape said as the rebellious spaceman Charlton Heston played in “Planet of the Apes” rode off into “the forbidden zone” in answer to “What will he find there?” He will find his destiny.

Your destiny also will be only whatever you make it, and thus is only you who can see to it that you destiny will be better than his.

Just the very second we stop blaming everyone else for our problems, and start solving them for ourselves, will the world become a peaceful heaven overnight.

Yo’ hold on, you know what you just read probably is true, don’t like it? Better read the whole book, before you argue lest you find what you thought is inside the pages here:


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