Deuxième sexe. English The second sex

Second Sex by Simons


Deuxième sexe. English

The second sex / Simone de Beauvoir ; translated and edited by H.M. Parshley ; with an introduction by Margaret Crosland.

De Beauvoir, Simone           (1908 – 1986)
New York, New York USA : Alfred A. Knopf, © date
Introduction by: Crosland, Margret
Parshley, H.M. [Howard Madison] (1884-1983)
Book 786 pp ISBN 0-6794-2016-9   9-780-67942-016-3   9-781-85715-137-4   1-8571-5137-2
Summary Woman’s past and contemporary situation in Western culture is the focus of a detailed and uninhibited analysis of womanhood.
Contents Introduction — Select bibliography — Chronology — Author’s introduction — bk. 1. Facts and myths — pt. I. Destiny — I. The data of biology — II. The psychoanalytic point of view — III. The point of view of historical materialism — pt. II. History — IV. The Nomads — V. Early tillers of the soil — VI. Patriarchal times and classical antiquity — VII. Through the Middle Ages to eighteenth-century France — VIII. Since the French Revolution : the job and the vote — pt. III. Myths — IX. Dreams, fears, idols — X. The myth of woman in five authors — 1. Montherlant or the bread of disgust — 2. D.H. Lawrence or phallic pride — 3. Claudel and the handmaid of the lord — 4. Breton or poetry — 5. Stendhal or the romantic of reality — 6. Summary — XI. Myth and reality — bk. 2. Woman’s life today — pt. IV. The formative years — XII. Childhood — XIII. The young girl — XIV. Sexual initiation — XV. The lesbian — pt. V. Situation — XVI. The married woman — XVII. The mother — XVIII. Social life — XIX. Prostitutes and hetairas — XX. From maturity to old age — XXI. Woman’s situation and character — pt. VI. Justifications — XXII. The narcissist — XXIII. The woman in love — XXIV. The mystic — pt. VII. Toward liberation — XXV. The independent woman — Conclusion — Index.
Note Originally published: New York : Knopf, 1953. With a new introduction, bibliography, and chronology by David Campbell Publishers.



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