Promoting Better Fathering Among Divorced NonResident Fathers

– Braver, Cookson, Sandler & Willams

As Bray (this volume) has documented, the divorce or marital separation of their parents is a very common condition faced by children in America today. Currently, over 40% of children are expected to live in a divorced home before the age of 16 (Cherlin, 1992), more than double the proportion 30 years ago (Shiono & Quinn, 1994). A substantial empirical literature has now arisen and been summarized most aptly by Amato (Amato & Keith, 1991a; 1991b; Amato, 2000; 2001; in press) documenting the potentially adverse affect of divorce on children. This literature also suggests that divorced fathers have a substantial role to play in impacting their children’s well-being.

read the working paper here:

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