09 – Feminal Farm

Perhaps you have read Animal Farm or maybe Animal House, Feminal Farm may read like them, with a twist.

…the lady official, Ms Proud, explained to him, that since Margaret Bodger had become prime minister of Helgoland, where Jones’ farm was situated, that subsidies to support farmers through hard times were a thing of the past.

There was nothing for it – he would have to cut his losses, Ms Proud said,and perhaps apply for a job at the local pit.

The trouble with that however he discovered, was that the miners at the pit said that Margaret Bodger was going to close them down too, even though nobody could really see what was wrong with Helgoland mining its own plentiful coal, especially now it had been made relatively safe and harmless by a new industrial conversion process. But there was no point in Jones starting there at a time like this, they said, and advised he apply to the factory instead. Mrs Jones ironed his shirt, and for the first time in years, apart from at weddings or funerals, Mr Jones dug out his old black tie, as normally in his work in the fields, a tie was more of a hindrance than a help, and thus he never wore one.

In 2011 the news carried stories of a Mancession in January. In February there was a report the Glass Ceiling had been shattered, women make as much as men in America, no sooner than that was released by the government he leads, also in February, President Obama’s special commission released a report proclaiming the tragic wage disparity where women make so little compared to men. In March 2011 American feminists decried that ninety percent of welfare recipients were women and bemoaned their sad state of affairs, never mentioning that women with children in the home receive welfare when broke, not the men, because men are not allowed. In 2005 leading educators decried the Boyz crisis, a disparity in learning environments for young males as well as a disparity in test score results. No sooner did the cry for reform go forth than feminists countered ‘tis not true and flooded us all with studies that purported the Boyz Crisis was yet another Myth used to harm women. In America the 2010 census has been completed, which amoung other things reveal more girls go to college, more girls seek advanced degrees, more girls are teaching. In 2011 read the results of the 2010 census, knowing full well there is a problem, educators are afraid to say Boyz Crisis, the feminists suggest this is only appropriate: we want more women in college.

Not quite Animal House and closer to Animal Farm read Feminal Farm, may I humbly suggest you wear some diapers or read it on the toilet, when you are finished you may well crap your pants.

The book can be found here:



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