05 – A Men’s and Women’s Liberation Update


I would have liked to have given in my works example of sane, wise women active in public life, but sadly I am lost for such examples.

We have a few in “the arts” like Joni Mitchell, but as soon as they comment against the current “status quo”, they are silenced and ignored.

Rather, what we have is Madonna, who seems to be going through some kind of quasi-religious conversion at the moment, yet is still appearing in videos of nuns carrying whips and hiking up their cassocks to show sexy underwear.

What kind of religion or “spirituality” is that, but one of hedonism?

Where are we going, what do we expect of those that used to be called the fairer sex, and for that matter what do we offer?

…when that man-woman relationship is A WAR or alternatively AN ENSLAVEMENT as it is now; when there is no real love, kindness, patience, consideration and understanding for one another, as it is now; when there is only disrespect, bullying, treachery, manipulation, and mad passion, as it is now; then THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN CHAOS AS A DIRECT RESULT.

Take a breath, take a moment, take a read of this book here:



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