Helping Boys Succeed in School

Helping Boys succeed in school Helping Boys Succeed in School
Neu, Terry W   ( 1959 – )      
Waco, Texas USA : Prufrock Press, © 2006
Weinfeld, Rich
Book 269 pp ISBN-13: 9781593631987    ISBN: 1593631987

The authors, leaders in the field of education, combine field-tested strategies and advice with case studies of boys across the nation to give smart young boys and their parents a strong guide for ensuring boys’ success in school and the future.

Answering the questions and concerns of parents and educators, this book provides a comprehensive guide to supporting the successful passage of male students into adulthood in ever-changing and complex educational institutions. The issues addressed are timely, and each chapter stands alone. Included are the predictable topics concerning reading, writing, mentoring, and athletics. Two strong chapters, “Bullying” and “Cracking the Boy Code,” are especially eye-opening and should be required reading for all educators, veterans as well as those new to the classroom. Fortunately the theme of boys versus girls is not interwoven in the text. Nor is there a tirade on the current inadequacies of our school systems. Rather the authors explain how the male mind functions and how best to work with it for the betterment of the boy and the sanity of the adult. The case studies are relatable, realistic, and do not always end “happily ever after.” Included are helpful and applicable end-of-the-chapter tools that feature checklists, evaluations, activities, decision-making tables, discussion guides and a commendable “Books Recommended for Boys by Boys” booklist. The informative and easily read text can be attributed to the different but complementary styles, interest, and expertise of the writing team. Weinfeld is the data expert, the facts guy. Neu, the storyteller, adds pathos and passion. It is a combination that makes for a relevant educational tool that parents of sons and teachers of boys would find in their best interest to read.


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