Feminism and methodology : social science issues


Feminism & Methodology 

Feminism and methodology : social science issues


Harding, Sandra G.         
Bloomington, Indiana USA : Indiana University Press © 1987
Book 193 pp ISBN 0-253-32243-X 9-780-25332-2432  0-253-20444-5  9-780-25320-4-448

  “Appearing in the feminist social science literature from its beginnings, are a series of questions about methodology. In this collection, Sandra Harding interrogates some of the classic essays from the last fifteen years in order to explore the basic and troubling questions about science and social experience, gender, and politics.” — Book cover.

Introduction : Is there a feminist method? / Sandra Harding — Social relation of the sexes : methodological implications of women’s history / Joan Kelly-Gadol — Introduction to Another voice : feminist perspectives on social life and social science / Marcia Millman and Rosabeth Moss Kanter — Bias in psychology / Carolyn Wood Sherif — Woman’s place in man’s life cycle / Carol Gilligan — Introduction to Tomorrow’s tomorrow : the Black woman / Joyce A. Ladner — Women’s perspective as a radical critique of sociology / Dorothy E. Smith — Dialectics of Black womanhood / Bonnie Thornton Dill — Family as the locus of gender, class, and political struggle : the example of housework / Heidi I. Hartmann — Feminism, Marxism, method, and the state : toward feminist jurisprudence / Catharine A. MacKinnon — Feminist standpoint : developing the ground for a specifically feminist historical materialism / Nancy C.M. Hartsock — Conclusion : epistemological questions / Sandra Harding.



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