10 – The Innocent Persons’ Guide to Law

In the 1966 classic movie, A Man For All Seasons, Sir Thomas More, a lawyer, Lord Chancellor to and originally close friend of Henry VIII, finds himself compromised when his beautiful and erudite daughter’s suitor, also training as a lawyer, outspokenly condemns the then current corrupt state of the law and cries that surely even anarchy would be a better way.

But Thomas More severely castigates him, and tells him that the walls have ears, and that he must understand his position as Lord Chancellor, and there are certain things “he must not hear.” He says further in defence of the status quo that were the law, corrupt as it may be, to be removed, a terrifying wind would blow through the land that would not leave a stone standing, and every decent man and woman in peril of their lives.

Truly it does not matter: Brit, Yank,  Aussie, Arabian Peninsula or New Delhi, man or a woman; after you read this you may think of kicking your own butt, if you do not read about it and find out later what is inside, you will think of kicking your own butt then. You have to read this to get to the point, where you understand, what you have read or heard may have been misleading…

The eye opener is here:



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