15 – The Psychology of Prejudice

Fryman seems to be dogging the Yanks here,

Because for those of us who can think objectively, rather than just paradoxically reaching for the latest sound byte of media propaganda which tells us America is wonderful, is the ‘good guy’, and these dark skinned Muslims are all, down to the very last one of them terrorists, murderers, and totally unreasonable religious maniacs, let us note that the movie True Lies – just as in real life news reporting – talked little about the cause that this Muslim terrorist in the movie was fighting for, and instead focused one hundred percent upon his wickedness, his evil, in wanting to hurt all us innocent people.

It may shock or even stagger some of those who regard us as deluded ‘conspiracy theorists’ to learn that in our opinion all nations should be proud of their country, should have a sense of national community and identity, and that they should be patriotic, yet without it being an ugly patriotism that says like Muhammad Ali once mockingly did that ‘we are the greatest’, and our opponents – the enemy, the other nations of our world – are just a bunch of dumb, stupid and ugly guys.

At the end he writes this though:

As each day shows the new disasters that our current unwise and generally acquisitive and self-aggrandizing leaders bring, in time even the most prejudiced will see that these leaders bring only disaster upon us all, and must be replaced by better and wise and less prejudiced women and men.

It obviously is up to you, if being dogged raises the hair on your neck, or someone is always whining at you: you know there could be a reason for that and a solution, check this out and you tell me:

15.+The Psychology of Prejudice


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