Radically speaking : feminism reclaimed

RADICALLY SPEAKING - FEMINIST Radically speaking : feminism reclaimed


Bell, Diane
North Melbourne, Victoria, AUS : Spinifex, © 1996
Klein, Renate
Book 624 pp ISBN 1-875-55938-8 978-1-8755-5938-1

Monster / Robin Morgan —
Beware: radical feminists speak, read, write, organise, enjoy life, and never forget / Diane Bell and Renate Klein —
Women of all nations / Inés Talamantez —
Light bulbs, radishes, and the politics of the 21st century / Robin Morgan —
Radical feminism: history, politics, action / Robyn Rowland and Renate Klein —
Experience, reflection, judgment and action: teaching theory, talking community / Joy James —
From practice to theory, or what is a white woman anyway? / Catharine A. MacKinnon
Maori-lesbian-feminist radical / Ngahuia Te Awekotuku —
Enabling a visible black lesbian presence in academia: a radically reasonable request / Angela Bowen —
Working-class radical feminism: lives beyond the text / Pat Mahony and Christine Zmroczek —
Politics of intimacy: heterosexuality, love and power / Robyn Rowland —
The great incest hijack / Louise Armstrong Therapy and how it undermines the practice of radical feminism / Celia Kitzinger —
The personal is political / Jocelynne A. Scutt —
Looking for God in all the wrong places: feminists seeking the radical questions in religion / Morny Joy —
The narrow bridge of art and politics / Suzanne Bellamy —
Take your pageant and shove it / Angela Bowen —
The posse rides again / Marcia Ann Gillespie —
“Misguided, dangerous and wrong”: on the maligning of radical feminism / Diane Richardson —
On who is calling radical feminists “cultural feminists” and other historical sleights of hand / Tania Lienert —
A (political) postcard from a peripheral pre-post-modern state (of mind) or how alliteration and parentheses can knock you down dead in women’s studies / Ailbhe Smyth —
Repackaging women and feminism: taking the heat off patriarchy / Victoria Robinson and Diane Richardson —
Deconstructing deconstructionism (or, whatever happened to feminist studies?) / Kathleen Barry “Generation X”, the “third wave”, or just plain radical: reviewing the reviewers of Catharine MacKinnon’s Only words / Deirdre Carraher … [et al.] —
Dworkin on Dworkin / Andrea Dworkin —
Statement on Canadian customs and legal approaches to pornography / Catharine A. MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin
Stranger than fiction: the backlash on campus at the University of Victoria / Ellen Travis —
Connecting reproductive and sexual liberalism / Janice G. Raymond —
Speaking of things that shouldn’t be written: cross-cultural excursions into the land of misrepresentations / Diane Bell —
Educational research de-radicalized: a warning from Germany / Uta Enders-Dragässer and Brigitte Sellach —
The banned professor or, how radical feminism saved me from men trapped in men’s bodies and female impersonators, with a little help from my friends / Pauline Bart —
The last post for feminism / Sandra Coney —
Deconstructing fashion / Susan Hawthorne (Re)turning to the modern: radical feminism and the post-modern turn / Kristin Waters —
Nothing mat(t)ers / Somer Brodribb —
The race for theory / Barbara Christian —
The disembodied worldview of deconstructive post-modernism / Charlene Spretnak —
The self-contradiction of “post-modernist” feminism / Denise Thompson —
Post-modernism and its “contribution” to ending violence against women / Katja Mikhailovich —
(Dead) bodies floating in cyberspace: post-modernism and the dismemberment of women / Renate Klein —
Return to gender: post-modernism and lesbianandgay theory / Sheila Jeffreys —
The queer backlash / Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger —
“French feminism”: and imperialist invention / Christine Delphy —
The pernicious effect of post-structuralism on women’s history / Joan Hoff —
Withdrawing her energy / Somer Brodribb —
I’ll take the low road: a look at contemporary feminist theory / Carol Anne Douglas Selling a feminist agenda on a conservative market: the awakening experience in Taiwan / Yenlin Ku —
US pornography invades South Africa / Diana Russell —
The past is the present: thoughts from the new South Africa / Teboho E. Maitse —
Freedom and democracy: Russian male style / Tatyana Mamonova —
Pornography and the global sexual exploitation of women / Kathleen Barry —
Femicide: a framework for understanding genocide / Natalie Nanadic —
Truth versus loyalty / Evelyne Accad —
Through the smoke we remember: mothers of the Plaza de Mayo / Marjorie Agosin —
The market place of ideas / Evelina Giobbe —
From theories of indifference to a wild politics / Susan Hawthorne —
Declaración de propósito/mission statement / Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center/Centro contra la Violación —
Common language: different cultures / Powhiri Rika-Heke and Sigrid Markmann —
Our health project / Nganampa Health Council Declaration of people’s perspectives on “population” symposium / UBINIG —
Towards global feminism: a Muslim perspective / Mahnaz Afkhami —
Surfing the edge of the alphabet / Cathie Dunsford, Beryl Fletcher, Susan Sayer —
A feminist university: the thrill and challenges, conflicts and rewards of trying to establish an alternative education / Berit As —
Taking ourselves seriously / Jalna Hanmer —
The witches return: patriarchy on trial / Mary Daly —
The burying of Hughes / Robyn Rowland.

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