Conflict behavior & linkage politics.

Conflict Behavior and linkage politics Conflict behavior & linkage politics.


Wilkenfeld, Jonathan           
New York, New York USA : D. McKay Co., © 1973
Book 328 pp ISBN 649928

A theoretical perspective on linkages: Coser, L. A. Conflict with out-groups and group structure. Rosenau, J. N. Theorizing across systems: linkage politics revisited.–Foreign conflict behavior linkages: Rummel, R. J. Dimensions of conflict behavior within and between nations. Wilkenfeld, J. Domestic and foreign conflict. Phillips, W. R. The conflict environment of nations: a study of conflict inputs to nations in 1963. Hazlewood, L. A. Externalizing systemic stress: international conflict as adaptive behavior. Haas, M. Societal development and international conflict. Van Atta, R. H. Field theory and national-international linkages. Collins, J. N. Foreign conflict behavior and domestic disorder in Africa. Burrowes, R. and Spector, B. The strength and direction of relationships between domestic and external conflict and cooperation: Syria, 1961-67.–Domestic conflict behavior linkages: Wilkenfeld, J. and Zinnes, D. A. A linkage model of domestic conflict behavior.–Bibliography (p. 359-379)


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