07 – What is Intelligence

What is Intelligence

“Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”

All these questions are currently unanswered by mainstream medical science, but surely they are very obvious ones to ask, for any serious medical researcher.

But we see that “traumatic experience” such as rape, molestation, serious assault or attempted murder of us, or even the fear generated by undergoing and surviving some event such as a war, car, train or plane crash can remain with us seemingly forever. It appears our brains can be scarred by emotional experience, on a very deep level.

So here we are just asking whether it is possible – as seems to us most likely – that these powerful experiences we have of sex, anger, and so on are damaging our brains, rather than just our hearts, stomach linings or whatever, which of course would be bad enough in itself?

Got all of the answers, read the book here:



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